Patagonia is a sparsely populated region located at the southern end of South America, shared by Argentina and Chile. The region is formed by the southern section of the Andes mountains as well as the deserts, steppes and grasslands east of this southern portion of the Andes. Patagonia has two coasts; a western one towards the Pacific Ocean and an eastern one towards the Atlantic Ocean.

The Colorado and Barrancas rivers, which run from the Andes to the Atlantic, are commonly considered the northern limit of Argentine Patagonia. The archipelago of Tierra del Fuego is sometimes included as part of Patagonia. Most geographers and historians locate the northern limit of Chilean Patagonia at Reloncaví Estuary.

The name Patagonia comes from the word patagón used by Magellan in 1520 to describe the native people that his expedition thought to be giants. It is now believed that the people he called the Patagons were Tehuelches, who tended to be taller than Europeans of the time.


Bariloche, El Chalten Patagonia and District Lakes used to be wild lands of only Gauchos, Horses , Guitars , Fireplaces and  few fist fights on drunk guitar nights, dealing for a woman or so!!!

Those days are over, and now for long time we have accommodation of all types for every taste. I recommend the following places:


Here some easy access Airbnb, we have good prices for long stays to our Andescross clients

https://www.selina.com/es/argentina/bariloche/ Hostels *with private rooms- book in advance- excellent to meet travelers and make friends. It is in town large commute to mountains and Cerro Catedral Ski Resort

www.santarita.com.ar-** Stunning Lake view – nice but basic- is a sweet person and I recommend this hotel for a simple, relaxing moments without spending too much!

https://charming-bariloche.com/– ****Nice hotel with cabins and front lake view,   they speak good english.

https://hotelelcasco.com.ar/– ****Nice 4 stars Hotel, Front lake views- ART Hotel style, excellent restaurant and pizza place within walking distance- Out of town

www.soldelnahuel.com.ar– **** One of our favourite. Very nice for the price you pay, with spa, bathtub, lake view, swimming pool in front of the lake! very reasonable price for what you get. Probably the one I ll recommend!

https://lacushotel.com.ar/el-hotel/-*** Very convenient location with lake view in Playa Bonita, reasonable commute to the Cerro Catedral Ski Area and other outdoor locations. Location is excellent and price is fair

http://www.hosteriapajaroazul.com.ar/– ** Nice Bed and Breakfast . Close to Ski Resort and good restaurants like Berlina, Foco, El Mallin . Very convenient to access all Backcountry skiing and climbs avoiding the traffic hours to Bariloche downtown. Very convenient for price and location. And for us guides when we need to do pick ups.  Their website not the best but you can book here: https://www.booking.com/hotel/ar/pajaro-azul.es-ar.html

https://www.sudbruck.com/- A small Boutique Hotel at the Ski Resort of Cerro Catedral- Family owned, excellent services. Most recommended. IT BOOKS QUICKLY !

https://www.lasmarianashotel.com/- Family owned small boutique hotel ***- Friendly family. Right in downtown to access restaurants.

El Chalten accommodation:

http://www.hosteriaelpuma.com.ar/- One of the pioneers **** hosteria. Good style, fancy enough, cozy. Very recommended.

http://en.hotelpoincenot.com.ar/- Smaller cozy Hosteria right in downtown, access to all boulders, restaurants, river. Excellent quality, small hotel

http://ranchograndehostel.com.ar/– The most classic hostel of El Chalten with all facilities, amenities.

http://kaulem.com.ar/en/home/–  Best small Boutique Hotel with limited amount of rooms. Cozy , small and very recommendable

https://hoteldestinosur.com/web/en/- 4 * Hotel & Spa one of the most fancy in Chalten

https://chaltensuiteshotel.com/en/-  Downtown Chalten, a nice hotel for the rough weather in Patagonia 🙂

Buenos Aires Accomodation:




This is unnecessary since everything is double voltage now all around the World! But bring Euro plugins. As you know Patagonia is very European due all the inmigration we had beginning of 1900’s and later after WWII, so yes, we have 220 voltage here.

Spanish with a flirt Italian accent that people loves! So buy an Argentinien for the price is worth it and sell for the price he think he is worth it and you will be rich. Many people speaks fluent english.




Depending on the trip we do we meet you in your hotel or we pick you up in the Airport, here some helpful information

EZE for Buenos Aires and for Santiago de Chile SCL

Depending on the trip we do you fly to:
Northern Patagonia, Lake Districts: For trips as Skiing Bariloche, Climbing Tronador, Lanin, Nahuel Huapi National Park , airport code is San Carlos de Bariloche (BRC)

Volcanoes Skiing or Andescrossing Bike trips:
For trips as skiing volcanoes in Chile or biking along the Andes, best airports are TEMUCO (PZS) or OSORNO (ZOS)

Southern Patagonia:
For trips as Climbing in Patagonia, Fitz Roy area, Torres del Paine, Glaciar Perito Moreno, you fly to (FTE) , El Calafate. From there take a shuttle to El Chalten booking Las Lengas (http://www.lengas.com/) , their email is info@laslengas.com.

If you need a private shuttle to move quicker on your own, contact us at info@andescross.com

Antarctica: You fly to Ushuaia (USH)

Remote Cerro Castillo area: Fly to Balmaceda airport

And for our Mountain porpoises  we divide the region in three main areas:

Northern Patagonia

Is the region with more mellow weather, right below parallel 40,  surrounded by lots of lakes. It is also called the Lake District of Patagonia, and involves the area of the Volcanoes, specifically: Tronador, Lanin, Osorno, Puntiagudo, Villarica. And the cities of San Martin de los Andes, Pucon, San Carlos de Bariloche, Villa La Angostura, Puerto Varas.

Central Patagonia

Is the area at the same latitude as Wanaka in New Zeland. The roaring 40’s here are a bit more wild than up north. Is the region of Aysen, Coihaique in Chile, where the Northern Patagonian Icefield, Cerro San Valentin, the Massif of Cerro Castillo and Cerro San Lorenzo are. Is the most unexplored area of Patagonia, or the recently explored for tourist mountain activities

Southern Patagonia

This area is the most famous and is the area formed by Torres del Paine, Glaciear Perito Moreno, Fitz Roy & Cerro Torre massif and the Southern Patagonian Icefield. Is where the towns of Puerto Natales, Punta Arenas, El Calafate and El Chalten are. Is full of strenuous and big lakes and glaciers, where the roaring 40’s hit the country with all its wild. It s one of the Wildest places on Earth

  • Tango, as passionate as Argentinians…


This country is truly majestic with lots of Natural beauty to be appreciated, as the Cataratas del Iguazu, the High Andes of Mendoza, Patagonia, the Pampas and the Cuyo region. We are a mix of Italians, Spaniards and Natives, so nothing is too serious!!

If you want to start connecting with our culture,  laugh and learn spanish at same time, download this app: http://cheboludoapp.com/

The wonders to see:

  • Gaucho, mate culture and music
  • Tango, worth it to spend a night in BA watching tango and exploring the nights of downtown

Dont miss:
Patagonia, dont miss to ride horses, to go Fly fishing in the Patagonian Rivers, Explore the Andes , a good glass of Malbec with a good asado, try to meet some friends and they will cook it with love in their backyard, bring their buddies that will be your brothers soon and play some chamame!. Don’t drink too much , we need to go skiing! or climbing

I m a Mountain Guide, so in terms of facilitate info about our history here a bit of wiki info… time to go play in the mountains ! Argentina is the eighth-largest country in the world, the second largest in Latin America, and the largest Spanish-speaking one. The country has its roots in Spanish colonization of the region during the 16th century.

Massive waves of European immigration radically reshaping its cultural and demographic outlook. The almost-unparalleled increase in prosperity led to Argentina becoming the seventh wealthiest developed nation in the world by the early 20th century….. more.


Summer: From December to March, expect warm temps in Northern Patagonia as 25 celsius, but also windy days, and 0 celsius sporadically. In Southern Patagonia around 10 celsius and the mountains can deliver from sun and warm to very cold temps under 0 celsius.

Winter: From July to end of September, but October is also a good Ski month. Temps in between -10 c and 0 C.

Spring: October to December. Very nice for ski touring volcanoes, Tronador , Lanin , San Lorenzo and all the big mountains

Fall: From April to june- The early fall is amazing for the colors you can find in the mountains, all gets red and shinny. Late fall , may and june is a bit cold and rainy. Not the best season to travel here.

Weather and Snow

Weather in Patagonia go from the -10C to 10 in the Winter, and from 0 to 25C in the Summer, obviously is Patagonia, and we are very moody about the weather!. So, as you know Patagonia is one of the wildest and windy place on Earth, being affected deeply by the Roaring 40’s.

Weather in Antarctica

The weather in Antarctica is extremely unpredictable. Heavy rainfall is unusual; strong winds are relatively common, so it is important to pack accordingly. The average temperatures on the Antarctic Peninsula during the summer months range from approximately 23º – 41º F. The weather in Ushuaia is a bit warmer but also has the wind and rain characteristics of the Antarctic weather systems.


Cerro Catedral
The most modern ski resort in South America, located 20km from the town of Bariloche.

Cerro Bayo
Small resort with great backcountry terrain on the north shore of the Nahuel Huapi lake. Located 10 km from Villa La Angostura and 90km from Bariloche.

La Hoya Ski Area
Tiny resort with the best backcountry ever. Located near Esquel, 350 km south of Bariloche.

A good medium-sized resort with a nice little town 20 km from San Martin de los Andes.

Las Leñas
1500 km north of Northern Patagonia, worldwide first-class Freeride terrain. Could be tricky due to weather, but when it is good, it is awesome! Excellent backcountry access!