Leght Trip
5 days

Trekking Season
December through May

Intermediate hikers- comfortable on horseback (4 hours), trekking on alpine terrain, and hiking with crampons on glacier terrain



This guided backpacking trek is a great way to experience the diverse terrain and ecosystems of South America’s Southern Andes and the Patagonian Lakes District. On this trip we will enjoy part of the route of the 1999 Discovery Channel’s Eco Challenge. One of the highlights of this backpacking trip is hiking with your mountain guide across the glaciers of one of the highest mountains in the Northern Patagonian Andes, Mt. Tronador. The views of the Patagonian Lakes District from this huge, glaciated volcano are breathtaking! Mount Tronador is an excellent place to observe Andean Condors, the largest birds of flight in the world! We will ride horses part of the way up Cerro Tronador until we reach the border of Chile and do customs in a very remote cabin.


Day 1:
Your guide meet you at your hotel  in Bariloche, check gear, and prepare all details to leave really early to Pampa linda the next day which is 80 km away . At the family-owned hosteria,  at the foot of Mount Tronador we will arrange all details. Welcome Dinner with your Andescross Mountain Guide and get ready for the adventure!

Pampa Linda, “Pretty Grasslands”, is a cute little settlement in the middle of the Nahuel Huapi National Park. Other than the hosteria, there is a Ranger’s Station, camp sites, and the stables where you will meet your partner for the ride up tomorrow!

Night in Bariloche.

Day 2:
Drive early in the morning to base of Monte Tronador. We start the day on horseback and ride at a mellow pace through the forest for about 4 hours gaining a lot of elevation. The horses will leave us in a high alpine meadow, Mallin Chileno, near the Chilean Border. Here we get our passports stamped in a very remote location. Just a little hut in the middle of the Andes serves as the customs office! With your mountain guide, you will hike from the border of Argentina and Chile on the south face of Mount Tronador. There are lots of waterfalls and volcanic formations along the 3 hour hike to Refugio Tronador, aka Refugio Viejo. This little mountain hut is at 2200 meters and very close to Tronador’s largest glacier, Glacier Manso. Your mountain guide will set up the tents, or we can sleep in the vivac hut.

Night in tents or Refugio Tronador.

Approx. 5-6 km with 450 meters elevation change in 4 hours of hiking.

Day 3:
Glacier hike multiday guided trek in Bariloche, Patagonia ArgentinaAfter breakfast, your mountain guide will help you put on all of the glacier gear: crampons, harness, rope. Hike across Manso Glacier, enjoying the view of Pico Internacional and Pico Argentino of Mt. Tronador (3354m). Very beautiful trek in with views of the Patagonian Andes and volcanos in Chile! You will enjoy cravasses, seracs, and hiking on the glacier with very little altitude gain. Andean Condors, the largest birds of flight in the world, love to come to Mount Tronador to play in the wind. This is where the condors bring their young to practice soaring in the drafts around the mountain. Keep an eye on the sky, or if they come to check you out, you’ll definitely notice the big shadow on the snow! Once we are on the other side of the Manso Glacier we arrive to Refugio Otto Meiling. This Mountain Hut is staffed, so we we will enjoy a nice, hot typical Patagonian meal in the heights of the mountains. Relax by the fire, and then head upstairs to bed.

Night in Otto Meiling Mountain Hut.

Approx. 6 km with 200 meters elevation change in 4 hours of hiking.

Day 4:
Mount Tronador – Frias valley multiday guided trek in Bariloche, Patagonia ArgentinaAfter breakfast in Refugio Otto Meiling, we leave the hut, and your mountain guide will rope everyone up to hike across the smaller Alerce Glacier. Then, we take off our glacier gear once we are across and start hiking down to Paso de las Nubes, Cloudy Pass (1400mts). There are waterfalls all around as we hike down Tronador heading Northeast. We will hike down from Paso de las Nubes to the Frias Valley where we will camp at the head of the Frias River. The hanging Frias Glacier is the third of Mount Trondador’s 7 glaciers that you will experience in just a couple of days. The glacier feeds the river with its waterfalls and occasional chunks of ice falling down the cliff. This is the end of glacier terrain for our trek. Your mountain guides will put up the tents at the base of Mt. Tronador where we are going to spend the night at 1000 meters with the sound of seracs pieces falling from the glacier. Do not worry! We are a kilometer away!

Night in tents.

Approx. 8 km with 400 meters elevation change (hiking down) in 5 hours of hiking.

Day 5:
Tronador from Frias lake multiday guided trek in Bariloche, Patagonia ArgentinaWake up to the sound of the waterfalls coming from Glacier Frias, and after your mountain guide breaks camp, we will hike on mostly flat ground through the lush Frias Valley along the river to a large lake with the same name. The flora in this valley is beautiful, and has a tropical look to it even though we are in the middle of Patagonia! This jungle is full of bamboo and coihue trees, and is called Selva Valdiviana, or Valdivian temperate rainforest. The Frias River comes directly from Mt. Tronador’s glacier, so there is a lot of sediment suspended in the water. The glacier grinds off the rock it travels over slowly into this fine sediment, and the melted water is called glacier milk. When we reach the turquoise Lago Frias, you can have a dip in the lake while we wait for the boat. “Frias” means “cold”, but the water is still nice for a quick splash or to soak your feet. Done with our trekking, we can enjoy two boat rides through the Nahuel Huapi National Park. The first takes us across Lago Frias, and then we have a quick 3 km bus ride to Puerto Blest on Lago Nahuel Huapi. The cruise on Lake Nahuel Huapi takes about an hour and a half and is very scenic passing little islands and protected lands all around. We arrive to Puerto Pañuelo in front of the large luxury hotel Llao Llao, 25 km from downtown Bariloche. Your mountain guide will take you to your lodging in Bariloche.

Approx. 8 km with 50 meters elevation change in 4 hours of hiking.

For this trek, we strongly recommend hiring a Professional IFMGA UIAGM or AAGM Mountain Guides.

  • Backpack 55 lts
  • Headlamp (Petzl Tikka plus, Black diamond or similar) and extra batteries
  • Waterbottle Nalgene or Camelbak
  • Trekking boots to hike comfortable in scree slopes, snowpatches and forest trail.
  • Crocs sandals (Optional)
  • 2 pairs of sintethic socks (like Columbia or similar)
  • Hiking or trekking pants – Quick dry-(North face, Mammut or similar)
  • Capilene underwear
  • Polipropilene – capilene shirt
  • T shirt
  • Thin fleece
  • Thick fleece
  • Puffy or down jacket, beautiful for cozy afternoons in the mountains
  • Lightweight Water proof Goretex jacket
  • Lightweight Water proof Goretex pants
  • Fleece gloves x 2
  • Warm hat
  • Sun hat
  • Sunglasses with UV filter
  • Sun screen and lipstick
  • Hiking poles x 2 (Leki , Black Diamond, etc)
  • Gaiters
  • Pocket knife
  • Small Tupperware – pot for meals- or similar (if you have it, if not we will provide it)
  • Sleeping bag (800 grs of goosedown or equivalent) and sleeping pad (Therm-a-rest)
  • Spoon
  • Ipod- Mp3 player (optional)

Summer/ Fall Trekking Trips and Multiday Backpacking trips

This gear list is designed for Backpacking for Several days in the Mountains being able to carry the minimum but logical to travel light and safe in the mountains of Patagonia

  • Backpack 35-45 liters if you need sleeping bag bring the bigger
  • Sleeping bag ideal 600/700 grams of down fill
  • Sleeping pad as Therm-a-rest or similar
  • 2 pairs of sintethic socks (like Columbia or similar)
  • Hiking or Trekking boots good to deal with wet meadows and scree slopes
  • Gaiters
  • Quick dry pants with Schoeller material (North face, Mammut or similar)
  • Merino wool long underwear
  • Water proof Goretex pants
  • 2 T shirt- Capilene or Merino wool ideal
  • Thin fleece, like Patagonia R1 or similar with a hood ideal
  • Mid fleece layer or synthetic Jacket with some insulation
  • Down jacket or warm puffy
  • Water proof Goretex jacket
  • Thin Fleece gloves for hiking
  • Thick gloves (according to season)
  • Warm hat
  • Sun hat
  • Sunglasses with UV filter
  • Sun screen and lipstick
  • Earplugs… very recommended (for Mt huts, windy days in tents)
  • Tooth brush and paste
  • Headlamp (Petzl Tikka plus, Black diamond or similar)
  • Waterbottle Nalgene or similar
  • Thermos 0.5 liters ideal for warm drinks
  • Crocs
  • Iphone/ Ipod music player/camara- optional
  • Hiking poles

Camping Gear:

  • Mug to go
  • Spoon


Minimum 2 people.
Price per person
2 people USD 1850.-
3 persons USD 1650.-
4 o more persons USD 1550.-

Private transportation to Pampa Linda (80km from Bariloche)
AAGM or UIAGM Mountain Guide
All meals and lodging in the mountains
Tents, cookware, glacial gear (such as: rope, harness, helmet, ice axe, crampons)
Horseback ride to Mallin Chileno on Day 1, and 2 boat crossings (Frias Lake & cruise across Nahuel Huapi Lake).

* If you would like to carry a lighter load, Porters are available for US$ 80/day.

On request