Here is Our Andescross Blog with the latest adventures we have done, so you can see and share some of our latest trips.
Normally during high season we don’t write much since we are in the mountains, but each time we can we upload some info.
youngest kid skiing antarctica

Youngest Person to Ski Seven Continents

Youngest kid Skiing Seven Continents. This last December we were to Antarctica, and Lipp's family hired me to guide his kid on the white continent. We had fun, the extra time we skied with Papa Bear Lipp and put some good mileage

Summer Alpine Guiding in the Alps

COVID-19 puts Argentina in the Red Zone, so clients were not coming to Patagonia, best option was to travel to Europe to spend Summer Alpine Guiding in the Alps doing some nice 4000's peaks, Classics aretes in Chamonix. Mont Blanc, Matterhorn, 4000's peaks in Valais and Monte Rosa area. Beauty of France, Italy and Switzerland
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Covid 19 and Mountain Guiding Lifestyle

A little reflection about the guiding lifestyle, our times and the Coronavirus (covid19) World situation. Enjoy the reading and check the other blog posts
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Ski Touring Norway, Iceland and Chamonix 2019

A short report about the European Season 2019. Sailing and Skiing Norway Fjords, Iceland and Alps
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Summer in the Lake Districts of Northern Patagonia

The Andes of Northern Patagonia in the Lake Districts has lots to offer in summer time: multiday guided climbing trips in Golden Granite Spires, multipitch climbs, trekking trips, multiday backpacking trips, day hikes and all in between
antarctica ski touring

A long Patagonian Ski Touring Season + Antarctica

We just ended our 19th season ski touring in Patagonia and ended with "happy ending" with 7th trip to Antarctica A complete season with hut trips, Volcanoes in Chile, 2 weeks expedition in remoteness and finally two weeks in Antarctic Peninsula

Resuming the European Backcountry Ski Touring season

This year I had the opportunity to in barely two months be able to share with old friends clients Norway and Swiss Alps and one week with heliski russia, Kamchatka
heliski kamchatka, argentina, chile, patagonia

Kamchatka Heliski, march 2018

Amazing week of real Adventure Heliskiing in Kamchatka in MI 8 helicopters. World class crew at Heliski Russia

The book of John Jackson in Argentina S2-E06

Mountain guiding and Film Production report for Pro Snowboarder John Jackson in the heart of the Andes in Argentina

Report Backcountry ski touring in Antarctica 2017

Since 2009, best of all ski trips to the White Continent, Antarctic Peninsula. Beautiful to travel with the usual suspects to this Magic place for some backcountry skiing

Resuming the Patagonia Backcountry Ski Season 2017

This 2017 season, we did lots of backcountry ski touring, some heliskiing in Patagonia and got the oportunity to work with Pro Snowboarder John Jackson for the last chapter of Red Bull for "The book of John Jackson"

Excellent trip skiing Argentina Backcountry in August

A fun week of August skiing Frey hut and other places of Patagonia Backcountry! Good vibes, good turns, good powder and good malbec... check videos and pictures!

Amazing Ski Season in Argentina

Update of our latest snow storm in Patagonia. Some nice ski pictures from mid july and ready to launch our Argentina ski season!

Quick Patagonia travel guide for trekking, climbing and Ski trips

Quick info about travelling to Patagonia

Tips to Ski in Patagonia, Argentina & Chile, Southamerica

Few tricks and tips to ski in Argentina

The Antarctic Ski Guide bug

Few thoughts of Skiing in Antarctica with world-class ski guides and athletes. Once the bug bites you... Join us this late October to Explore the Antarctic continent

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