The book of John Jackson in Argentina S2-E06

Hello guys, here the results of our team work filming-guiding with Whistler Creek Productions and us last September in Frey hut, Bariloche, Argentina

for the last  chapter of “The book of John Jackson”  Series

Good splitboarding, good snowboarding and another nice adventure enjoy the backcountry of the Andes in Argentina and Chile. Thanks to the guys in Frey hut, Pablo P. guiding the crew , Shin dealing with all little things and all the guys who helped there

John Jackson is a pro-snowboarder from Redbull,  has achieved success in nearly every discipline in snowboarding. A teen phenom in the park and pipe, his transition to filming and the backcountry revolutionised snowboard movies and he’s travelled many miles, literally, to get where he is today.

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