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Kamchatka Heliski, march 2018

This past march I had the opportunnity to go to Kamchatka for Heliski guiding for the week. I met Marco and Nikolay (Heliski Russia owners) in Antarctica ski trip around 5 years ago, so some friendship was built up, finally this last trip Marco offered to join their crew. I have been guiding for almost  20 years , but most of the time ski mountaineering and ski touring, so was very nice to get on the big machine MI 8 and explore the peninsula. The most attractive thing of this adventure, is that there are endless terrain and the operation goes for it with highly professional standards, sometimes there is a 40 minutes ferry just to get to the terrain but we always found the powder, every single day. So the operation focus in a truly adventure heliskiing, skiing from Volcanoes close to the Pacific Ocean to mid range valleys (japan style) and all in between.  We skied lines of 30 degrees  into remote crater and helicopter took of from right beside the fumarole as you can see in the feautered image of this post.

The focus is to find the very good snow for the client and use well the heli hours. No bullshit, you get your powder!  Pricing wise is very fair for what they provide, days are long and easily we placed 6000-7000 meters of skiing per day, 90 % powder skiing. They have been running the business for 25 years and growing slowly from pure passion, the crew is formed by international UIAGM-IFMGA guides from Chamonix, Sweden and  Russian Mountain guides with excellent skills, experience and charm. They know well how to maximize your helicopter hours without wasting your time and money. The crew goes for it!
For me to go to Russia, was a bit more than a ski trip, half of my family comes from Russia and Poland, so was nice to finally see were the DNA comes from.. .:-)

If this adventure calls your interest please let me know, I ll be very happy to build a nice group and go again to the farest place from home that is Kamchatka. I think 16.500 km from my home are worth to see the wild culture of Eastern Russia. I loved it.
Here leave you some pictures to enjoy! Get tempted email me and lets go for best heliski adventure on the planet! You can see more in Instagram @andescross, most of crazy helicopter landings and best are there on Instagram! Give it a like and enjoy the virtual trip to one of the most beautiful places on Earth