youngest kid skiing antarctica

Youngest Person to Ski Seven Continents

December 1, 2022

Paradise Bay, Antarctica

Eight Year Old Boy Breaks World Record as Youngest Person to Ski on All Seven Continents

On the morning of December 1, 2022, Colorado second grade elementary school student Maddock Jefferson Lipp set a new world record as the youngest person to ski on all seven continents.  Maddock, age 8 years and 25 days, went from the Ocean Diamond ship just off the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula, via Zodiac craft to shore, near a gentoo penguin rookery.  From there, Maddock along with his older sister (Keira Lipp), father (Jordan Lipp), and IFMGA ski mountaineering guide (Jorge Kozulj) ascended the lower portions of Mount Hoegh in Antarctica.  With several inches of fresh powder, the four of them skied down the slopes of the glaciated mountain back to shore and the penguins.

Prior to skiing Antarctica, Maddock had, in addition to skiing all over North America, checked off the other continents by skiing in Cervinia, Italy (Europe), Thredbo and Perisher, Australia (Australia), Oukaimeden, Morocco (Africa), YongPyong and Jisan, South Korea (Asia), Portillo and Valle Nevado, Chile and the Martial Glacier, Argentina (South America).  And Maddock skied Deception Island, just north of the Antarctic continent two days earlier, on December 29, 2022.

In order to train to ski in the remote wilderness of Antarctica, Maddock trained with his father and older sister on skiing and climbing, as well as crevasse and avalanche rescue skills.  From Golden, Colorado, Maddock began skiing when he was two years old, and was proficient at skiing expert level terrain at ski areas by the age of six.  He started backcountry skiing at age five, honing his skills with his father who has both a ski patrol and ski mountaineering background.  Backcountry skiing – far from any ski resort – means one must climb up to ski down in a mountainous location without lifts, lodges, or ski patrols.

The Lipp family was guided in Antarctica by Jorge Kozulj, the lead guide of Andescross based in Argentina.  They were on a ski expedition arranged by Ice Axe Expeditions, and were on a ship operated by Quark Expeditions.

Maddock broke his older sister, Keira Lipp’s world record.  Keira set the record at age ten in Portillo, Chile in June 2022 after having skied the interior of Antarctica with her father on a trip arranged by South Africa’s White Desert in February 2022.  Keira remains the youngest girl to have skied on all seven continents.  Keira, in turn, had previously broken the record set in 2008 by Victoria Rae White.

After skiing in Antarctica, Maddock and his family celebrated on board the Ocean Diamond boat with a Fanta, nachos, and ice cream.  Maddock’s favorite part of skiing in Antarctica was skiing next to penguins.

Summer Alpine Guiding in the Alps

June 2021, short days in Patagonia, no tourism, darkness and lots weird thoughts about the future of Argentinian tourism economy, friends and family struggling with Covid.  Poverty rises 45% by the end of 2020. Borders closed, hard to leave the country…. In less than one week decided to pack all gear. UK stills closed to go to Europe, USA citizens could not travel to Europe easily. France requires quarantine and Switzerland only 5 days… Future did not seem that clear at the beginning of  summer in the Alps.

Anyway, bought my ticket, emailed all agencies that I knew and in less than 2 weeks completed my season with some of dream guided jobs. As a IFMGA guide it is a big dream and challenge to be able to guide in the Alps coming from a southern region like Patagonia. Just feel a bit  as a Gaston Rebuffat did back in the day 🙂 . As teenager we read the books  “Estrellas y Borrascas”, “Montagnes de una Vie” from Bonatti  and “Conquerors of Useless” of Terray, learning  the mountains were strange places only for superheroes and super athletes. So I thought they were impossible dreams to guide this mountains. Living in Argentina and dedicating myself to ski guiding was not easy to find the time to be in July and August in the Alps. So thanks to Covid this door was open. “When one door closes many more opens” says Bob Marley 🙂

For years wanted to spent a full summer guiding in the Alps to do some of the classic 4000’s and try Matterhorn, the dreamed jewell of every Mountain Guide. Feels like playing the  Final on “Futbol” World cup.  Pressure from the local Zermatt guides, times to reach to Solvey , times to get the train… you name it! full game! and not easy, exposed, rock fall. Big admiration for guides that do it in daily basis. We got to the shoulder, clients was challenged over its limits. But was a nice try!

So, besides earning few $ this season, was very dreamy to guide all this aretes with short rope and explore the very well known peaks of the Alps.

Guided Mont Blanc few times this summer, even though did it in the past with Helicopter from Pitons des Italiens, from Grand Mullet and linking “the trois Monts route”  in the past was nice to do it in full summer session.   Few of the trips: Nice arete of West face of Dufourspitze, then some other classics of Zermatt area.  Some Monterosa classic 4000’s. Also attempt to Matterhorn with Scottish client.

Well leave you some pictures that says more of 1000 boring words!



The mother of All horns, Matterhorn from Dufourspitze

Down climbing the Arete of Gouter after climbing Mont Blanc

mont blanc guides, chamonix, climbing mont blanc

Starting the Arete of Bosses after Valot Hut towards summiting Mont Blanc

Getting to Gouter Hut on Mont Blanc on my last trip of the season

matterhorn, guides, mountain guides

Guiding Matterhorn arriving to Solvey

Zumstalspitze, one of the summits of Monterosa

Margarita hutte, monterosa

Monterosa from Signalkuppe, Margarita hut, the tallest hut in the Alps

Starting a long day of guiding on Hornli route, Matterhorn

Romana, my croatian pseudo sister, On top of Switzerland, top of cheese country on Dufourspitze summit after doing the west ridge. The mountains back there are the Liskam’s


The mother of All horns, Matterhorn from Dufourspitze

Switzerland, dufourspitze, mountain guides, zermatt

Getting to the top of Dufourspitze, Top of Switzerland

A narrow way back home on the edgy knife blade of Monch, Berner Oberland, Switzerland

Saas fe, mountain guides

Kariana almost finishing a Nice arete in Saas Fe Area


Zumstalspitze, one of the summits of Monterosa

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Covid 19 and Mountain Guiding Lifestyle

“Las epidemias permiten entender la humanidad y la historia. Tocan las fibras más íntimas de nuestra naturaleza humana”  Frank Snowden

From the start, sorry about my poor english…I feel like what I am writing has already been written or thought about regarding the unprecedented times that we are living in with Coronavirus. But I feel like typing it anyway.🙂

One of the good parts is that finally, we all have found some free time to update our blogs…

Today is the 30th of March, 2020. We are in lockdown due to the Corona virus regulations. Already changed my ticket for work twice in early march, innocently trying  to re-program my  European booked trips to Ski and Sail Norway, do the Ortler Traverse with fantastic Italian food in Northern Italy and eat a few croissants in the French Alps before going to the mountains…. yes, are you joking?…do this seems like too much?… Yes it is… These are the luxuries of life that can seem normal today but are not if we go back in time.

As always, my positive mind thought, this is not too bad, this is not going to affect me… Things are always exaggerated in the media…Yes, this time it has hit me, hit you and hit almost everybody. 

In the past, a mountain guide, was a guy who lived in farmlands, was a Shepard, was a local farmer who knew a bit about mountains and showed  the foreigners the beauty of his strenuous  terrain “neighborhood”. Today a mountain guide is cool fit dude with multicolor sunglasses, and lots of new gear  (just joking!) who travels the world showing his guests exotic mountain places.

Maybe, as a mountain guide we don’t pollute as much as the ships that carry oil across the oceans, or the  Japanese-Chinese  ships fishing in the Argentinian seas,  the weapons that travel to Syria, the big trucks that carry goods from country to country  or we are not launching  rockets into  space. Then, in scale we are innocent of this massive consumption of goods and assets.

Well, we also leave a carbon footprint, we take planes and most of our activities are  human powered, we exercise, we do not consume as much as other humans. 

Today I am at home in Bariloche, Argentina, where I haven’t been in the fall (March and April) since 2012. Yes, 8 years has past since I have seen  the red leaves falling out of the amazing Nothofagus Lenga trees in our backyard of Nahuel Huapi National Park.  For the first time in eight years I can feel the sensation of Autumn, the days are getting shorter and the temperatures are dropping.

I have come to realize just  how valuable time at home is. The simplicity of “mi pava de mate” , a cup of tea. I  take the time to rake the garden, burn all old  taxes papers, fix the shelves, paint the fence, sneak for a run with the dog and share a meal with my girl. Simplicity. To enjoy simplicity should be the number one value, to acquire the skills to enjoy a simple healthy life, with good friends.

I started to go to the mountains, because of the sensation of freedom, simplicity and  purity. Cold fresh air on my  face,  great views, being away from society. It was a little bit like a punk rebellion towards the banality of society during my teenage days I started climbing to say “f.. off” to the rules more than for the love of the sport. Then with time, I started to love the sport. I loved the sensation of being away, being in the present. Focused in the very moment. I never concerned myself with the dangers of a big whipper.I look back now and think that the most scary times in climbing were at the beginning, in the early 90’s.

I started skiing at the age of nine. It was love at first sight. In 1992, I did my first traverse, ski touring hut to hut here in Bariloche, Argentina. I did not have  a clue as to what I was doing. In 1994, after a big storm I went to the slackcountry of Cerro Catedral Ski Resort (at that time Ladobueno and Robles catedral concessionary). I started to break trail in a big snowstorm. Suddenly, the clouds started to part and the sun started to reflect on the snow creating shiny sparkling snowflakes that gave me this good feeling. The release of endorphins gave me this weird feeling of total happiness and completion. But, this also was the start of following an instinct. To pursue what I really wanted. To be in the mountains as much as possible.

But going back to the original paragraphs, here I am today, living the most fulfilling lifestyle with the ability to travel, ski and climb for a living.  A simple but complex lifestyle.

Well, the point is, this life is cool and healthy, but also affects the environment gradually,  the problem :  we will not change much.. I know…

Well, the point is, everything we do affects the environment. The message for all of us  is, let’s try to be less harmful to our environment. Take your bike instead of your car, use a sailing boat instead of a motor boat, avoid motorized vehicles like snowmobiles and “snow cats”, buy local food not pasta from Italy or wine from the other side of the world. Just the little changes that are not miraculously impossible will add up.

In just three weeks, that the industrialized world has been in “stand by” amazing things have happened: Fish are back in the Venice channels, Ozone has been reduced by 30%, China’s pollution level has dropped. Do you know,  Argentina have been the best country in taking care of “lockdown” and once more shows to the world how lovely latinos are 🙂 (joking!)

Nothing much to say, but just trying to remain in the Simplicity of Life values. I am thankful for my job of guiding clients on powder slopes and rock faces, managing risk, the intensity of managing human relationships in the mountains where situations can test you and the friends I have made along the way.

Just a mere reflection, that we are living in a very trying times, leaving a big carbon footprint, consuming and eating our own world minute by minute. Lets try to partially re-set ,,

Have a good day, Jorge



glaciar alerce

along the frias valley, before huts were built in Paso de las Nubes

paso de las nubes, otto meilling, glaciar alerce, lago frias, mountain guides

On the Glaciar alerce towards Paso de las nubes

tronador, proffessional mountain guides, IFMGA, guiding glaciers , mountain guides, guiding

Pico internancional y pico Argentino en algun dia de abril a fin de los 90

refugio frey, teenager days, before guiding

Back in the day, before being a proffessional mountain guide, climbing granite in the catedral spires

ice climbing patagonia, argentina, we are IFMGA, IFMGA MOUNTAIN GUIDES, guides in patagonia, ice climbing guiding bariloche

Climbing in the ‘cascadas de Agostini’ 1992

frey hut, refugio frey, before guiding

While being a hut keeper in Frey hut-1996

On top of Cerro Lopez ski touring trip in early december (spring 1993)

refugio frey, retro, climbing guiding, guides

After finishing highschool, before being a guide, november climbing

El calafate, guides, mountain guides, patagonia, weareifmga, ifmga guides ,

Free day bouldering in El calafate, Patagonia

guides, mountain guides, patagonia, patagonia guiding, mountaineering, ice climbing, perito moreno

ski patagonia, ski bariloche, skiing frey hut, refugio frey, pedro luthi, jorge kozulj, guiding, mountain guides, ski guides argentina, retro ski pictures

Skiing couloirs in Frey hut patagonia

rock climbing, guides , rock climbing patagonia, rock climbing guides

Sport climbing cragging in bariloche, before being guides

breche puiseux, chamonix, ifmga, uiagm, mountain guides, alps, ski touring, skiing chamonix, guides in chamonix, patagonia, andescross, ski guiding, backcountry skiiing, patagonia, argentina, chile

Ski Touring Norway, Iceland and Chamonix 2019

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Bluebird day searching for good skiing in the Norwegian Fiords

This year after a long summer in Patagonia with nice climbing days, arrived to Europe by the end of march to start the spring backcountry ski touring season in the Northern Hemisphere with our classic “Skiing and Sailing the Norwegian Fjords” , conditions were good in terms of snow, weather was quite friendly and let us access some nice summits during the week. As always the beauty of the boat, the good food and the powder made the week good.    We had to be careful since was a buried faceted weak layer from mid february, so most of the routes were conservative accessing to nice peaks of around 1200 meters from the ocean. Endless peaks to climb, endless fjords. This place have been very good in the last few years since Tromso area and Lyngen Alps are very crowded with boats and new lodges. So we could find some nice pristine areas. White Wonderland 🙂

After that, flew straight to Chamonix for one of the best parts of the year,  April in the Alps. We got two huge storms that made those first two weeks of April very unique. The first two weeks were dedicated to do some classics and introduction to steep skiing, rappel skiing and all those things that Chamonix has to offer. You can explore the pictures in our Instagram (

Many laughs, some party and all what  Chamonix has to offer. We skied some of the classics as  Breche Puiseux, Col de Passon, Epoule de Entreve, Col de Cristaux, Pointe Ronde  and other beauties  in the area of Aiguilles Rouge.

After this had a week in Iceland, in the Troll Peninsula, were conditions were way too dry compared to past seasons, but Iceland has charm itself so the good snow is an add up to an already good menu. Nice summits, nice tours in between Olafsjordour area and the North of the Peninsula. The solitude, the big spaces of Iceland is what attract me the most. I ll post some pics below so you can see…..

Then back to the Alps and finalized the season with a good tour of three days in Saas Fee near Zermatt area. We used  Brittania Hut as a base and climbed two nice and easy 4000 meters peaks,  akldrjakjf;ajaHORN and klsdjf;aljl;dajla;HOrn  (:-) descending below the Alpubhel glacier in a beautiful 2000 meters descent through the glacier with mostly perfect spring snow… one of those days to remember!!!

Short and easy resumed two months and 45 days of ski guiding in Europe.

Now is end of May and we are almost fully booked for the Patagonian Winter in the Southern Hemisphere.

We still have some spots left for 2019 for:

Volcanos Ski Tours in Chile, Hut to Hut in Patagonia, Some day trips out of Bariloche and El Chalten (we recommend September for this). So feel welcome to explore Patagonian snow Adventures in August and September with us! _ Best time to visit.

Most of the trips are described here

Hope to see you guys in Patagonia, Argentina this year 2019 and in 2020 in Europe again!! If you made it to here…  Thanks for reading…time for a bike ride and then a cold beer maybe 🙂

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Summer in the Lake Districts of Northern Patagonia

Just wanted to share with you few pictures of how looks the summer in the Lake Districts of Northern Patagonia, Argentina. Amazing terrain for multiday hikes, hut to hut combination to avoid few weeks of the winter with an easy flight from North america. We have been running several rock climbing guided trips, some hut to hut summer treks and some of the guides have been doing some multiday backpacking trips with families during Christmas vacation

It is a different year, normally we have more ski touring trips in the Alps and Europe, but some change is good once in a while, and nothing like beeing in shorts for few months a year!

Leave you here few pics of climbing and treks that happened  during the last few weeks…

Come to visit this nice area in summer is as good as winter with different activities.

Mid March starts our trips in Europe, combining some Sailing & Skiing in Norway, that is full already . Iceland trip is full as well .

trekking, hiking, mountain guides, andes, patagonia, lake district, bariloche, hiking, trekking, backpacking, guides, h

Trekking in between huts in Bariloche


trekking, hiking , backpacking, andes, lake district, argentina, patagonia, trips , treks, guides, hiking guides

Hiking across the Andes of Northern Patagonia


trekking, guides, treks, backpacking, patagonia, argentina, bariloche, mountain guides

A nice view of the Andes in the Lake District, Bariloche, Argentina



trekking, hiking , backpacking, andes, lake district, argentina, patagonia, trips , treks, guides, hiking guides

Some nice summit tops in Bariloche area


trekking, hiking , backpacking, andes, lake district, argentina, patagonia, trips , treks, guides, hiking guides

Alpine Patagonia meadows


guides, mountain guides, ifmga, uiagm, proffessional rock guides, rock climbing , rock guiding, bariloche, patagonia, argentina, andes

Perfect golden granite climbing


rock guides, argentina, chile, andes , rock climbing

Some belgium guy sending a 7a+


climbing guides, bariloche, argentina, rock climbing, sport climbing

Strong Brazilian sending a 7c+


rock climbing guides, rock guides, guided trips, argentina, patagonia, bariloche, andes, mountains, alpine climbing

More hardcore guys sending 8a +


rock guides, alpine guides, alpine climbing bariloche, multipitch climbs, guiding , guided , proffessional climbing, climbers

Rock Guided Climbing in Cerro lopez


Guided climb in Aguja M2


hiking, trekking , climbing, bariloche, guides, mountain guides, guided climbs, guided treks, andes, patagonia, chile , argentina, ifmga,uiagm ,proffessional, climbing, guides

Nice few pitches of climbing in torre principal, refugio frey , bariloche


climbing trips, argentina, chile, patagonia, proffessional guides, climbing , bariloche, argentina, sport climbing, guided climbs, trad climbing

summit of Torre Principal, Catedral, Bariloche


frey hut climbing, guides, guiding, guided climbing trips

the minnesota boyz climbing in Frey hut


The Classic Normal del Abuelo, Frey hut guided climbs



antarctica ski touring

A long Patagonian Ski Touring Season + Antarctica

Finally this beautiful time of the year have arrived, it is when I take ski boots off for few months and start thinking in getting fingers strong and maybe some days of good surfing in Chile…. Let’s see how much free time is left …  For now legs still tight, and just happy to place my flip flops without guilt! Time for Catching up with some paperwork, insurance, permits, family, taxes and all those things that are part of life too… and slowly start planning the ski touring season in Europe, few trips coming: Norway Sailing & Skiing and some Chamonix Adventures.

Resuming the year: Have been a very hard year for ski guiding in the Bariloche area, since was a very bad snow year in general, so lots of hiking to get to snow. For some clients this is not an easy thing to do. Most expect to start from snow like you do in Europe or Northamerica. Here many times the access to snow involves or lift access or a good hour of hiking.  So first part of the season was with lots of hiking and  that kind of adventure.

For first part of the season, late July and August,  we did few trips to Frey hut and other multiday backcountry ski trips including good day trips out of Bariloche using slack country of Cerro Catedral Alta Patagonia to get to goods.

Then by, September, things got better and we had big storms in the Chilean side, accumulating around one meter and a half in only 72 hours storm. So the winter really started there and was time for Volcanoes. This year we did 2 volcanoes trip, and in one of the trips we did 3 volcanoes in 3 days accumulating more than 5000 vertical meters in that period. Strong clients, well friends more than clients. Volcanoes trips details are here:… check the video attached  with all the fumarole and Lava.. pretty crazy..

Right after this, came the biggest expedition of the season , to Cerro San Lorenzo, this peak is a remote peak in the Central Patagonian Andes, being the second highest peak of the Patagonian Andes after Cerro San Valentin in the Northern Patagonian Ice cap. We did not summit, since we were a group of  many people and was better to do a plan B skiing it satellites peaks. Most of the team was aim to ski near the satellite peaks of the mountain, and not to summit Cerro San Lorenzo itself.  Most of our gear was brought by horses to basecamp, and then from there we moved to higher camps.Cerro San Lorenzo is a big , big mountain that demands good weather and a long day of 2000 meters and 18 km round trip to High camp to High Camp. We did a lot of ski touring near Torres Feruglio and Cordon Cochrane area, doing day ski trips from our tents. Lots of winter camping and lots of cooking. The fun of this trip is to be in a remote location, self sufficient, using the cabins and tents for the ten days we were there. Feels nice to be out of contact for almost two weeks.  We celebrated the week with a good roasted Patagonian Lamb

We drove home, and after that came Antarctica ski touring trip for another 2 weeks. Since 2009 to present I have gone 7 times to the White Continent , each time for 2 weeks a year, skiing from a boat to the continent and antarctic islands, doing day trips in zodiacs and skiing some nice terrain.

Well that’s all folks !! Leave you here some pictures of all mentioned above.

As always , thanks to all long time friends clients as Tom, Marcos, Fran, Rob  and all and my partners guides Craig R and Stefan P. Also Doug S. for all this years of Antarctic work


Resuming the European Backcountry Ski Touring season

Left home Bariloche, Patagonia, Argentina in early March in the middle of the summer to radically cross the entire Planet for a week of guiding work in probably the most far place from home: Kamchatka, Russia. Maybe a bit crazy to do this long diagonal across the World.  For sure was worth it, met with few colleagues friends that I only see them once a year in the other side of the world: Antarctica. Now days, this sounds normal, just few planes and you connect all the World…. I still surprised of this crazyness! More about all Kamchatka trip is here.

Then, the week later, met with old friends clients  in Lofoten Islands, Norway. Was a very good week, cold and good powder for sure. Conditions were a bit risky due an old PWL (persistent weak layer) that was affecting all the area of Lofoten, Narvik, Abisko and upper north towards Lyngen Alps as well(Sweden and Norway) , so we had to go stepping on “eggshells” and ski conservative 20/ 25 degrees slopes. Sometimes looks like the #guidelife is always fun, but there is a lot , a lot of responsability involved of taking care of guests. Also the stress to leave home, beloved ones and be away all the time. Is what we choose it! But is a lot of work, energy and risk management.

Then came a good month in Chamonix area, we did Haute route with a cool strong team, weather was almost very good until the last few days that we couldnt cross from Vignette to Zermatt, since weather was terrible. Check video in the media gallery.

And to finish this nice trip, I had a two good weeks in the Berner Oberland above Interlaken area, where the Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau step up to show their beauty. For me is one of my favourite areas for ski touring in the Alps, since is a bit less crowded of Chamonix and the mountains are jewells for ski mountaineering, most of them touching the 4000 meters. Swiss huts are big, clean , open… .but yes a lot of rösti and early 5 am mornings. So you have to like this 🙂

Well enough words… leave you here some nice pictures!

Now check our calendar with upcoming trips to Argentina, Chile, Antarctica and Norway again (late march 2019)

Please, do not hesitate to drop an email for any questions!





heliski kamchatka, argentina, chile, patagonia

Kamchatka Heliski, march 2018

This past march I had the opportunnity to go to Kamchatka for Heliski guiding for the week. I met Marco and Nikolay (Heliski Russia owners) in Antarctica ski trip around 5 years ago, so some friendship was built up, finally this last trip Marco offered to join their crew. I have been guiding for almost  20 years , but most of the time ski mountaineering and ski touring, so was very nice to get on the big machine MI 8 and explore the peninsula. The most attractive thing of this adventure, is that there are endless terrain and the operation goes for it with highly professional standards, sometimes there is a 40 minutes ferry just to get to the terrain but we always found the powder, every single day. So the operation focus in a truly adventure heliskiing, skiing from Volcanoes close to the Pacific Ocean to mid range valleys (japan style) and all in between.  We skied lines of 30 degrees  into remote crater and helicopter took of from right beside the fumarole as you can see in the feautered image of this post.

The focus is to find the very good snow for the client and use well the heli hours. No bullshit, you get your powder!  Pricing wise is very fair for what they provide, days are long and easily we placed 6000-7000 meters of skiing per day, 90 % powder skiing. They have been running the business for 25 years and growing slowly from pure passion, the crew is formed by international UIAGM-IFMGA guides from Chamonix, Sweden and  Russian Mountain guides with excellent skills, experience and charm. They know well how to maximize your helicopter hours without wasting your time and money. The crew goes for it!
For me to go to Russia, was a bit more than a ski trip, half of my family comes from Russia and Poland, so was nice to finally see were the DNA comes from.. .:-)

If this adventure calls your interest please let me know, I ll be very happy to build a nice group and go again to the farest place from home that is Kamchatka. I think 16.500 km from my home are worth to see the wild culture of Eastern Russia. I loved it.
Here leave you some pictures to enjoy! Get tempted email me and lets go for best heliski adventure on the planet! You can see more in Instagram @andescross, most of crazy helicopter landings and best are there on Instagram! Give it a like and enjoy the virtual trip to one of the most beautiful places on Earth


The book of John Jackson in Argentina S2-E06

Hello guys, here the results of our team work filming-guiding with Whistler Creek Productions and us last September in Frey hut, Bariloche, Argentina

for the last  chapter of “The book of John Jackson”  Series

Good splitboarding, good snowboarding and another nice adventure enjoy the backcountry of the Andes in Argentina and Chile. Thanks to the guys in Frey hut, Pablo P. guiding the crew , Shin dealing with all little things and all the guys who helped there

John Jackson is a pro-snowboarder from Redbull,  has achieved success in nearly every discipline in snowboarding. A teen phenom in the park and pipe, his transition to filming and the backcountry revolutionised snowboard movies and he’s travelled many miles, literally, to get where he is today.

More here:

Report Backcountry ski touring in Antarctica 2017

Hello guys, back home after a long season ski guiding that is not over yet, started in late july and in two days I have my last trip of ski season to Monte Tronador, here in Bariloche, Argentina.  yes in 2 days, November 17th. Crazy! I m ready to put shorts (to be honest)!

The best of all trips to the Antarctic Peninsula, that I have done since 2009, I think this is 6th trip down there.

This trip to Antarctica skiing is getting better and better. I think the 3 parts of the team: Proffessional Mountain Guides, Logistic, Historians, Biologist guides, Hotel team makes an incredible  work putting all in place for the guests, and there are not waste of time to get on shore, ski, eat, party, learn history and more…

 Well , anyway I got some time to upload some photos and write a bit of what we did Backcountry Ski Touring in Antarctica this year. As always , this trip of a lifetime can not be more fun, and we got:

  • unmissable to see Andrew Mc lean dancing like crazy, besides skiing steeps he raps, rocks out and creates a vibe that millions of followers go dancing creating a party enviroment!! :-). You can follow @straightchuter-dancetildawn 🙂
  •  Good chats with the Swedish  and the Chamonix mountain guides crew
  •  Enjoy the amazing slideshow of Todd Offenbacher,  Amazing nice climbs helping disable persons to climb big climbing routes in Yosemite. Chapeau too!
  • Was unusual to have Orcas passing underneath the zodiacs , and this time happened.
  • Whales , leopard seals, Orcas and of course the multimillion population of penguins
  • We got a strong team of skiers from Austria, not only strong, perfectionist that we all improve the technique making short turns , and avoiding our “pirate leg”, 🙂 and excellent photographer from Brooklyn, Belarus 🙂 .. enjoy his pics below (the best)

This was the best trip to the White Continent I have done, and encourage everybody to make it down south one day in your lifetime.

Day 1/ November 1st

Charlotte bay, Mount Zeppelin area, Antarctica

Cloud cover was close to 100%, no winds.

We started in Point A (farest out to the point)-

Skinned up to main saddle were the “bloom room” is.

First climb up was around 200 meters elevation gain, we found sun re-crusted snow conditions. approaching via the NW face of the Island, then we skied the East face (200 mts)  where we found blown snow accumulation and ski perfect 15-20 cm of powder snow, then skinned  back via the West slope on refrozen crusted snow.

We finished at 1pm.

Afternoon plan was Bluff Island, but was closed due low visibility and packed ice.

500 meters elevation gain-

Day 2/ November 2nd

Paradise bay. Videla chilean station. Antartida

Stormy day. Cloud cover was close to 100%, no strong winds, but some winds.

Snowfall around 5-10 cm, some places hold 20 cm or more due wind accumulation

We scouted the far out point called C, in front of Rojas peak at the North end of the channel. Possibility of packed ice in the afternoon at that point.

Boat was drifted a bit due currents in the channel, waiting for us outside the channel.

We skied right above Videla station, called point B

We did three runs (laps) in the same area prioritizing the good snow, was a consistent powder day with low visibility and stormy day for most of it.

Mostly West face skiing, excellent conditions.

Skied until 1pm

Afternoon plan:

We traveled through Neumeyer Channel with low visibility  and after we keep going via Lemaire Channel. We got good views of Mount Scott and the satellites mountains of Lemaire Channel

1200 meters elevation gain aprox

Day 3/ November 3rd

Ronge Island, Antarctic Peninsula

High pressure, perfect weather. NO winds/ No clouds

As first objective we skinned the main peak at Ronge Island a beautiful serpentine that lead you to the summit at 750 meters as a top point. Route navigates mostly on North face aspect turning to west for the last ramp before the summit.

Nice skiing, heavily crevasse but very friendly to work through it.

Careful with big crevasses skiers left (west) and possible serac falling if you stay on the very west (it is obvious).

The last 150 meters we choose a nice east face couloir/face.

Then we skinned through a nice ramp all the way to a secondary ridge (south face access), this leaded us to a perfect North / south saddle.

Skied a nice 350 meters run on perfect north aspect, 25/35 degrees . Excellent corn snow.

Lunch at the beach in perfect sunny day.

We did another run of 300 meters at the top NW bay of the island. The area is heavily affected by the sun, so it is a glacier zone in “decadense” lots of seracs, and just the far ends of the valley offered good skiing. Snow was perfect. Careful with few hanging seracs.

Skin to the penguin rockery and then back to the boat

1400 meters elevation gain aprox

Day 4/November 4th

Minimatterhorn and Nansen Island, Antarctica

No winds, High pressure, no cloud cover

Early in the morning, we scouted the landing with the machine Todd Offenbacher, the landing is good at the far end of the bay (not inside), good landing, steep bootpack.

The other approaches close to Mini Matterhorn are more dangerous due big crevasses and hanging seracs (calving) into water.

Took forty minutes to get to the proper climb of Minimatterhorn, the climb itself was easier than expected. Not boot pack, just all the way skinning to the last steep pitch. Skied down around 600 meters I guess.

Then we crossed directly to Nansen Island and did the main long “slug’ climb to the top. Mellow skiing, espectacular scenery and good 5/ 10 cm to the top. This area is heavily crevassed, very nice for mellow skiing, super scenic and one of the most beautiful places.

Later we visited Enterprise Island to see the Shipwreck.

900 meters elevation gain aprox

Day 5/November 5th

Livingston Island, South Shetlands, Halfmoon bay, Shetlands Islands

No winds, 80/90 % cloud cover for most of the day.

We got a low sealing and a 0.1 precipitation after 12 noon

Excellent day in the mountain. Predominant skiing at Northwest/ North aspects into the bay.

We found 5-10 cm of new snow in the first ascent, then second ascent around 15 cm.

We started skinning from the main entrance of the bay at point A and linked four laps of around 400 meters each. From the bay towards the little peninsula of Livingston, getting to 4 different ridges.

Our idea was to link all the way to point B (far end of peninsula) but at some point in early afternoon the wind got stronger and visibility was not as excellent, so we decided to play around point A.

Skied mostly powder.

The area is perfect for ski touring, heavily crevassed and very manageable with low visibility since there are ribs of rocks to have as reference.

First run offered a good consistent 25/30 degrees skiing, the rest of the runs towards the outside of the peninsula are mellower in between 20 degrees and even less.

Views to the bay and open ocean from the top are amazing.

Time in the mountains : 8 hs

1700 meters elevation gain aprox

Day 6/November 6th

Sphinx and other peak. King George Island, Almirante bay, Shetland Islands

The day started with some fog clouds and then clear out during mid-day.

We climbed the 2 main peaks of the bay on point A and B.

First one from the boat lookers left is an easy skinning, was perfect corn skiing , temperatures were above 0 degrees. No glacier, on that shoulder, we didn’t rope up.

then we skied down and to cross the main glacier we roped up, and went to Sphinx. Nice climb on the rib, very mellow, easy and casual.

The face is steep and nice, perfect north face, sun affected corn snow. We did it twice since was so good.

The day was short.

We saw whales, leopard seals and visited the Artowsky Polish station in the afternoon.

700 meters elevation gain aprox

As always Thanks to Ice axe, Quark team and all the hotel stuff from the Ocean Adventurer. Being onboard is like a second home,  and you guys let us feel like this. It is always a pleasure to see all the team that work so hard, and “smooth as a silk” from the Mountain guide crew, Angela Hawse, Doug Stoup leading the guide meeting,  Hadleigh, leading the Quark team and Captain Alexey, his crew  to all the guys in kitchen working hard, Richard, Jetzy, Pia, this guys are there all year round sailing from one polar region to the other one. Chapeau for them! (and they never get seasick).

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