Resuming the Patagonia Backcountry Ski Season 2017

Hello, here some news about the Argentina/ Chile Patagonia ski season. It was one of the best season in the last decade, I think the last good winter was in 2006. Right now still snowing here in Bariloche,  on October 3rd, … yes all the way to the base of the ski area.

First of all thanks to all the skiers clients and friend that had travel all the way to here  to share some good powder times, some trips were good , some in rough storms but happy to see the faces of the Canada, Colorado, New York, California, UK, Swiss and French team.

We got this year at least 80 days of ski guiding in the Andes. Lots to explore , lots to see.  Frey hut was good and rest of the trips as well. New little ski lines. Catedral Alta Patagonia improve a little in their service, things were a bit easier than years before! Seems like the A factor (the Argentinien Factor) was low 🙂

Our team had the oportunity to help the Canadian producers  team in the last chapter of “The book of John Jackson”. As you probably know, today John Jackson is one of the best snowboard riders  and he is working his own Red Bull series,  the last chapter was filmed in Argentina. So dont miss out the continuity of this snowboard adventure in Argentina: Mountain huts, Malbec and steep lines.

Here a bit of how the Redbull series are :

Also one,  of the best days was a good heliski day, which is not an easy thing here in Patagonia. Winds are high, and clear days are not many.

So to have a good heliski day is a bless. Seems like for next year will be a steady operation of Heliski in Bariloche, Argentina. This is a product that have been trying to be developed for a decade, but never was easy. Lets see if the young enthusiast can make it happen in 2018

Here few pictures (thanks Maxi Artoni, photographer)