Amazing Ski Season in Argentina

Hello guys, I dont know if is casualty or not, but we are having the best ski season in Argentina since 2007. Since I remember the best seasons have been in 1984, then eleven years later in 1995, then eleven years later in 2006 and 2007. And now in 2017 (again eleven years later) Maybe is just random casualty, but maybe there is something running in cycles. Anyway! Just nice to think that even if Global Warming is happenning still some ilusion in keep living long winters! Who cares! Present and Now, is now! It is  hard to seat in front of computer for so many hours, looking through the window and watching so much snow out there.   Hard to be in front of the desk to organize the busy schedule of this winter with all this powder out there.

Best skiing in a long long time down here in Southern Hemisphere.

Here some pics to share from the last few days!

Our Schedule here if you are interested in coming down to Southamerica. Ski, Climb and get some summits with us: