• Adventurers exploring some remoteness in the isolated Central Patagonian Andes


Length Trip
8 days

From November to April

Intermediate trekkers. Light backpack.
Average time of hiking 6 hrs. Easy trails. Sleeping in huts or domes.


Multiday backpacking trip staying in domes and vivac huts

Arriving to the well-known and visited El Calafate (The Glaciers National Park), we’ll travel to one of the most isolated, wild and virgin areas of the Patagonian Andes, 300 miles north from El Calafate

This relatively new and little visited national park is a jewel: full of small hanging glaciers, unclimbed peaks, milky rivers, turquoise lakes, pristine valleys inhabited by Patagonian deer, guanacos, pumas, foxes, condors and Patagonian rheas. This Park also has some stunning views of the east face of the San Lorenzo Mountain (3706mts), one of the highest peaks in Patagonia.
Once there, we’ll hike during 5 days from hut to hut without carrying a heavy backpack. There’re a south and a north section in the park and the plan is to hike in both sides. The trails were recently built and the terrain is generally easy. We won´t need technical gear but just a middle size backpack (60 lts) with all the personal belongings (Clothes, sleeping bag, trekking poles, good pair of boots and extra shoes as sandals or crocs for some river crossings). The hike mixtures different kind of landscapes including steppe, transitional and Patagonian forest, moraines and alpine terrain.

After 5 days of hiking, We’ll take the transfer back to EL Calafate. Once there, we have the last day doing some shopping, we also have the unique chance to have a close look and even to do an ice trek in Perito Moreno Glacier (35 miles).



USD 2380 per person


Since this trip involves some long distance drives -300 miles/ 450 km- and adds a big budget to the cost of the trip we recommend to build a group from 6 – 15 persons to reduce the cost. Email us: info@andescross.com

  • All tranfers airport in- out
  • Meals in the mountains
  • AAGM hiking  Guide during whole trip
  • Night in domes and hutsNot included:
  • Meals in Restaurants
  • Flights arrangements
  • Extra excursionsOptionals to book:
  • Perito Moreno Minitrekking
  • Upsalla glacier treks
  • Treks in El Chalten, Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre area
  • Porters

On request-



The Andescross family comes back to Southamerica with us and also to Antarctica, Norway, Iceland and the Alps for more good times.

“Back in 2006 I decided I wanted to try backcountry skiing and soon after I ended up contacting Jorgito at Andescross, which was already a very respected guiding company in Argentina.”

The idea of climbing all the mountains and volcanos in patagonia in the winter time and skiing them on the way down sounded too good to be true. Our first trip with Andescross was to Frey Hut with a couple of my brothers. The skiing conditions were as bad as Patagonia can offer so we ended up 2 days stuck in the hut in the midle of a storm and one day skiing on pure ice… 

“About 10 years ago I contacted Jorge about doing a hut to hut ski trip in the mountains around Bariloche. I chose him because he was a fully certified International Mountain guide.”

This trip proved to be nothing short of fantastic. Jorge was professional, friendly, knowledgeable of the area we were traveling through and was a great travel partner. He took care of my travel arrangements in Bariloche, booked my room for me before and after the trip, and even picked me up at the airport. The next year, I returned for a volcano ski trip with Jorge. We were fortunate enough to ski from the summit of four volcanoes. In the last decade, I have traveled with him at least 8 times.  We have skied in Chile and Argentina numerous times, including a trip to the Patagonian Ice-fields.

“I have skied with Jorge and Andescross in the Andes and the Alps in Europe.   Simply put, the Andes Mountain range is Jorge’s backyard and he knows then well.”

In my view, I think it would be very difficult to find another South American based guide with comparable years of experience in the Andes, guiding credentials, and local knowledge.  Over the years, Jorge has gained significant knowledge of the Alps and many other mountain ranges in the world which he includes in his worldwide adventure trips.  He is able to quickly gauge conditions, make safe decisions, and find great untracked skiing.  

“Jorge se ha convertido con el tiempo en un amigo cercano más que en un guía.”

Hemos compartido muchas aventuras juntos en varias partes del mundo como los Alpes, Bariloche y Chalten, y siempre regresamos de cada viaje pensando en el próximo. Para que un viaje sea exitoso tiene que tener su cuota de riesgo y cautela, algo muy difícil de lograr pero que Jorge siempre ha sabido manejar. Seguramente les quemara la cabeza hablando de… Paciencia estimados clientes!!, nadie es perfecto.

“In just over a six year period, we have done five trips with Jorge and have committed to a sixth next year. We must like this guy! Jorge is THE guide for your Patagonia adventures…and beyond! ”

Our first trip with Jorge in 2010 was for backcountry skiing around Bariloche, Argentina. While we were temporarily weathered out of higher terrain due to high avalanche danger from tons of new snow, we never lacked for fun, challenging, and noteworthy alternatives. He shared with us his hometown stashes, something only a generous local guide could do. Jorge is a consummate mountain guide. He is completely client focused. He is a first rate professional. We trust his judgement, thrill in his ski adventures, and have been blessed to enjoy the beautiful outdoors around the world with him.

“40 years ago I flew down to Argentina in my summer for downhill training in the Andes.
I was then racing on the World Cup circuit and so having 4 weeks on snow in summer was really useful training.”

I fell in love with Bariloche and returned the next year again. Sadly this was the last time I made to South America and then, when skiing in Iceland, I bumped into a friend of our guide, John Falkiner. We shared a few beers waiting for our airplane to fly home and John explained that his friend, Jorge, was a guide down in Argentina and that helped in Bariloche.

“Jorge and team helped with all the fairly complex planning and logistics for a supported backpacking trip across the Andes”

From Bariloche to Puerto Frias for our group of 10 people, and guided us safely along the route.  He and his guides were exceptionally competent, knowledgeable and professional, and everyone had a great time.  I would highly recommend Andescross!

“I am currently travelling the world on a sabbatical, looking for amazing experiences. During a stop across south america, I wanted to rock climb in the Frey national park, near Bariloche.”

I found the Andescross team on the internet, and they teamed me up for 3 days with a world class guide instructor. I am a novice rock climber, and my guide Luciano not only provided me with amazing climbing coaching tips, but allowed me to push myself to go beyond my comfort zone, in all safety. And once the climbing was over (once summits were achieved and I could not feel my forearms anymore), it was time for some of the best hospitality I have found on the road this last year. Great dinners, food, friends and laughter to fill our evening, until the call of the rock would get us out of our sleeping bag the next morning.

“Jorge has excellent personal skills and appreciation of my climbing abilities. ”

Brian climber from CanadaI had the pleasure of meeting Jorge in December 2008. My wife and I were in Bariloche, on holiday in Argentina. Jorge had been recommended to us by a climbing friend back home in Canada. I was able to contact him by phone and we worked out a rendez-vous at the Refugio Frey for a day’s climbing on the rock. His knowledge of the area and the realistic time needed to complete various options, made it easy for me to reach a decision. What followed was one of the best days in the mountains that I have experienced over a lifetime in the sport.

“Had a FANTASTIC time and thank you so much for all your help and the great guides. Great meeting you!!!!”

We are in BA, but head to Brazil tomorow and am just going to eat, drink and sleep! Anytime you head to Europe, you always have a place to stay in London and hopefully we will be back SOON!”


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